E-Bike Slovenia

With E-Bike Slovenia tours, you can venture deep into the world of pristine nature from the Alps to Adriatic, explore, and witness breathtaking views.
From: 225€/person
Unique and personalized multi-day e-bike holidays in Slovenia
We help you pick the best e-bike locations in Slovenia — Bled, Bohinj, Soča Valley, Kranjska Gora, and more
Overcome challenges with the help of our high-performance electric bikes and be rewarded with the scenery of incredible views
Discover Slovenia’s hidden gems in its acres of unspoiled nature
Top culinary experiences along the way
Ebiking for everybody
E-biking for everybody
Jasna lake near Kranjska Gora
Cycling around Kranjska Gora and Lake Jasna
E biking around Bled lake
E-biking around Lake Bled
Emtb with a view
Incredible views everywhere you go
Cycling for the whole family
Cycling for the whole family
St. Jacob above Ljubljana
Hidden gems of Slovenia around Ljubljana
Ebike fun on Pokljuka
E-Bike on Pokljuka
Cycling in the rural areas of Bled
Cycling in the rural areas of Bled
Biking with the view of the Julian Alps
Biking with the view of the Julian Alps
Emtb in the woods
eMTB in the woods
Cycling through he fields above Bohinj
Cycling through the fields above Bohinj
Family fun on e bikes
Family fun on e-bikes
Romantinc cycling getaway in Bled
Romantinc cycling getaway in Bled
E mtb in Zajamniki Pokljuka
Zajamniki mountain pasture
Ljubljana E bike
E-Bike in Ljubljana
eMTB tour
eMTB tour
Mountain road to Kofce Karawanke
Mountain road to Kofce in the Karawanks
Pokljuka Plateau
Pokljuka Plateau
Easy cycling through the vineyards
Easy cycling through the vineyards
Local cheese tastings
Local cheese tastings
Muddy party
Hop on an e-bike and discover Slovenia!

Included in price

Professional local guide
Accommodation as per itinerary
Daily transfer to the mountains
Rent of high performance electric mountain bike and helmet
Tour design and organization

Optional Extras

Return transfer to/from the airport
Single supplement

Active holidays usually require you to be extremely fit to get the best out of them, and our top-grade electric bikes can get you right there by helping you find that sweet spot between hard work and reaping the rewards.

With the help of an e-bike, you can visit breathtaking locations off the beaten track, such as the Pokljuka Plateau, Soča Valley, and trails around Bled, Bohinj, and Kranjska Gora. Not even those vastly overlooked by mass tourism will be out of your reach.

While an e-bike will not do the whole job for you, it will give you more flexibility and options. Consequently, your time in Slovenia will be way more fulfilling and well-spent.

As a diverse and hilly country dotted with bike lanes, trails, and paths, Slovenia is the perfect destination for an e-bike holiday. It stretches from the Adriatic Sea in the south to the Alps in the north, passing over hills, valleys, rivers, lakes, and basins.

And yet, the country on the sunny side of the Alps is pretty modest in size.

Design your dream Slovenia e-bike holiday!

And we will make this experience unique by completely adapting it to your wishes and physical and financial capabilities. Due to Slovenia offering such an ample selection of stunning biking locations, we decided not to pre-plan your holidays, as we tailor them to you exclusively.

As such, our tours are suitable for beginners and experienced e-bikers alike. We can pick your route along the valley floors and roads, so it is less demanding, but if you feel adventurous, we can make it a real eMTB experience by taking you higher up in the Alps!

You will not find any limitations in choosing your accommodation either. Shorter distances make it possible to sleep in one location, such as Ljubljana, and drive to a different corner of the country every day. But you can still choose to move around and find yourself sleeping in a new venue every few days.

Let us not forget about a vital aspect of an active holiday — nutrition. Lucky for you, Slovenian cuisine is a world of luscious tastes to explore. Anywhere you might find yourself in Slovenia, a restaurant with local delicacies close at hand is guaranteed. We will ensure that you get the best of authentic Slovenian gastronomy, whether you prefer to eat at Michelin-star-level restaurants or less-known local places.

Each day can also include a new culinary experience that will ensure you connect with Slovenian culture on an even deeper level — ever been at a wine or a cheese tasting?

You will spend as much time as you wish on a bike. If you need a rest day, we can include one in your itinerary. Sometimes, a relaxing day to restock your energy reserves is essential to keep going. But if you want to spice it up, we can also organize a different activity for you on such days. You can go rafting, hiking, sightseeing, swimming, canyoning, or anything else you might want to do.

There is nothing else to do besides letting us know what you want your E-Bike Slovenia holidays to include so we can start planning your dream getaway. Check out the e-bike locations below and start picking out your favorites!

E-Bike locations

Bled castle and island
bled e bike
E Bike Bled Slovenia
E biking around Bled lake
Ebike Bled fotoRozleBregar 34


As one of the most popular destinations in Slovenia, Bled offers an even better experience from behind an e-bike handlebar, with you experiencing it from a less-known perspective. It gives you more flexibility around Bled than a car and more range than walking. Bled e-bike tours are less challenging and full of stunning views. You can also see the cultural and natural landmarks, such as Castle Bled and Lake Bled.

Pastures above Kr. Gora
E bike Julian Alps
Sava Dolinka
Cycling path Kranjska Gora
Spik mountain peak
E Bike Kranjska Gora
Climbing to Tromeja a tri border with Austria and Italy
Technical trails around Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora

Located amid the towering peaks of the Julian Alps, Kranjska Gora is a hub for all sorts of outdoor sports and adventures. The steep surrounding slopes attract eMTB enthusiasts, while the others can find much and more on the less technical routes along the valley — from the Alpine valleys like the Tamar Valley to the natural landmarks like the Peričnik Waterfall and Zelenci Natural Reserve.

Pokljuka e bike
Pokljuka view
E Bike Pokljuka Plateau

Pokljuka Plateau

Pokljuka is an elevated wooded plateau between Bled and Bohinj. Its forest is dotted with macadam roads and trails, taking you across the upland and its hidden corners. With an e-bike, you can discover the picturesque Zajamniki mountain pasture and visit authentic Slovenian mountain huts like the Uskovnica alpine hut.

Soca river
soca aerial cycling
Road to Vrsic
Great gorge of Soca

Soča Valley

The emerald Soča River is Slovenia’s jewel. Its valley is one of the most picturesque places in the country, waiting for you to explore it by e-bike. You can either cycle along the river, climb up Vršič Pass, or challenge yourself to a demanding eMTB tour of Kobariški Stol. Soča Valley is also the perfect place for a rest day to relax by the river or try a different activity like kayaking or canyoning.

ljubljana colourful
Golovec eMTB
Ljubljana E bike


Ljubljana was named the European Green Capital in 2016, boasting several green parks and maintaining cycling lanes. In a flash, you can escape the tumult of the city center and cruise through the green forests of the surrounding knolls. E-cycling options are endless, with hills like Golovec featuring everything from the technically undemanding to the eMTB single trails. We can design your tour however you like.

bohinj cover
bohinj cycling
bohinj e bike


Bohinj is less urbanized than Bled. An area more in touch with nature, including the Voje Valley or the macadam roads around Lake Bohinj. If you want to turn it up a notch, there are scenic locations like Soriška Planina to serve you with unforgettable views. However, there is also an asphalt cycling path connecting the Bohinj villages, perfect for enjoying the scenery with some relatively light cycling.

obala4 Cycling along the slovenian coast
Cycling by the coast

Adriatic coast

The Adriatic coast is an alternative when it gets too cold in other parts of Slovenia. Following the coastline, you will discover undemanding trails and roads. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can explore the hills rising from the seaside. They are not too steep, dotted with vineyards, and majorly overlooked by visitors. You can also stop for some seafood and visit the famous salt pans in Sečovlje.

Biking on Kofce Pasture
The incredible views of Karawanke
Mountain road to Kofce Karawanke


The Karawanks are the least rocky Alpine mountain range in Slovenia. E-bikers can find many scenic mountain pastures tucked away below their mighty peaks. An infrastructure of macadam roads and forest trails takes you past authentic mountain huts in search of the best views. While cycling below the Košuta Ridge and Stol is quite demanding for mountain bikers, an e-bike makes it an appropriate challenge for all.

rolling brda hills
Goriska Brda 1Cycling through vineyards in goriska brda
NASLOVNA goriska brda

Goriška Brda

Goriška Brda is a hilly wine-growing region on the Italian border. The landscape is spangled with vineyards, orchards, and olive trees. It makes for some languid and pleasant cycling, alternately slanting up and down. If you are in the area, it would be a shame not to combine your e-bike tour with a wine tasting at one of the many wineries.

The views of Poljanska dolina
Great mountain biking terrain on Bukov Vrh Poljane valley
Electric mountain biking in Poljanska dolina

Poljanska Valley

First time hearing of Poljanska Valley? Nothing strange about that as it is mostly unknown by tourists. Slovenian e-bike enthusiasts know it quite well, though. It is a gem hidden in the pre-alpine hills of western Slovenia. There are endless roads and paths for any e-biker, winding across the open fields and wooded hills. The views are fantastic, and you will get many opportunities to taste authentic local cheese.

Ptuj Old town
Slovenian vineyards
Easy cycling through the vineyards

Eastern wine-growing hills

Eastern Slovenia is vastly undervalued by cyclists, although it is incredibly picturesque. The Štajerska region is also known for its winemaking, so e-bikers will find themselves cycling over empty roads among picturesque vineyards. This part of Slovenia is full of cultural landmarks, such as Celje Castle and the historical town of Ptuj. You might even want to combine your tour with a visit to one of the many spas.

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Things to know

All our guides are local experts with years of experience in cycling. They know the local roads like the back of their hands and are equipped with all the necessary knowledge to make this a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience.

We are always looking for the perfect fit for you. We use a few different accommodation providers that fit our standards, but they are subject to availability, especially in the high season. We can adjust it to your preferences and budget and always find a more suitable solution to your taste.

You can also choose between sleeping in one specific location or moving around every few days.

Our tours are completely customizable and tailored to your wishes, so the price varies from customer to customer. It depends on the length of your holiday, the number of travelers, accommodations, and additional activities.

Of course! Slovenia is the ideal destination to diversify your holidays with so many different activities you can do. Especially if your holiday is lengthy, you can spice it up with a day of hiking in the Alps or try something new, like rafting, canyoning, or stand-up paddle boarding.

If you already have an idea about what you want to do, let us know, and we will make it happen.

Slovenian cuisine is incredible. One holiday is barely enough to try everything we have prepared for you. We can include meals in our pricing and ensure you eat at the best local restaurants.

We can also organize wine and cheese tastings per your request.

Our tours are entirely custom. They are appropriate for anyone, from beginners to experienced cyclists and e-bikers. With the information you provide, we can adapt the e-bike tour to your capabilities, be it easy cycling along the valleys, or demanding eMTB experiences in the Alps.

Our e-bikes are top-grade and ensure high performance. We usually use mountain e-bikes on all our tours, even for the technically less demanding cycling along the valley floors. They are more comfortable, powerful, steerable, and have better brakes for descents. You will also have better traction on flat macadam roads due to wider tires. Each participant also gets a helmet.

We recommend booking as early as possible. Most of our tours run through very touristy places where accommodation is limited. Most of the great places start getting booked for summer before spring.

It depends on the level of your restriction. Vegetarian options are relatively easy to find in Slovenia. Vegan dishes, on the other hand, are very hard to come by in the rural areas of the country and smaller towns. Please note that the places where we stop for lunch are often traditional and may have difficulties accommodating you outside their standard menu. We suggest you keep this in mind.

Most of our customers come to Slovenia between June and September. It is the best time to visit the locations higher up in the Alps when there is no snow. If you come before the high season, you will avoid crowds and still enjoy warm weather and delight in the green surroundings.

Visiting in April or October is riskier due to changeable weather, but we can adjust if it turns lousy. There are lots of alternatives in the south of the country. You can even cycle in winter if you have warm clothes and stick to our beautiful coast.

We always try to find a suitable alternative for you on the given day. If that is not possible, we will find a different activity for you to do, such as cave or spa visits.

Yes. It is advisable to measure at least 150 cm in height, or there can be issues with the e-bikes. Nonetheless, we will always try our best to find a solution for every situation, if possible.

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